Bear of The week – ADE!

Ade is this week’s exciting Charlie Bears’s Bear of the Week!
Ade is a 17″ tall bear who has the amazing ability to stand all by himself. He is part of the current brand new Charlie Bears Spring 2009 Collection! He is fully jointed and hand finished which gives this gorgeous bear a different appearence in every bear. Ade is made of lovely shades of chocolate and coffee with a beige muzzle in a deep plush. He wears a burgundy and gold scalf around his neck which finished him off nicely. Ade has a similar sort of fur to Woody from the Charlie Bears Autumn 2008 Collection.

The meaning of the name Ade is Crown, Royal

The origin of the name Ade is African, Also an English Diminutive for Adrian.


Ade with Some flowers,


Ade in the bushes!!


Look at Ade’s Scalf its brilliant!


You can purchase Ade from, His RRP is £44.99 and can be bought Here.

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  1. Ade has just come home with me to join my ever growing family of bears. He is just so adorable.

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