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New Website LogoI am delighted to announce the launch of our new website for Charlie Bears. With the increasing number of new bears and with bears retiring almost daily, you, our customer, kept telling us that it was increasingly more difficult to find bears that are available for sale.

Not only that, with the introduction of a Pre Order system, the old method lacked a number of things were needed i.e. email confirmation, but also there were issues for us being able to manage the huge number of pre orders that were being placed.

So, with that in mind we had a new website developed with the main focus being on ease of use and better functions to show the bears at their best helping you see just how gorgeous Charlie Bears are. Here are just a few of the features you will see:

Website Navigation

We were increasingly getting comments about how difficult it was to find bears so, after a great deal of research and testing, we have now have 5 main categories with 3 subcategories in each – Latest Releases, Available Bears and Retired Bears.

Website navigationAll you have to do now is just hover your mouse over the menu bar and it will expand automatically enabling you to access each sub category.

Pre Order Charlie Bears

Pre Order BearsThe existing Pre Order system allowed our customers to complete the name of the bear and leave contact details and we would contact them when they were available. This was fine but it didn’t give email confirmation so we have had our new site designed to accept both paying orders and Pre Orders and highlighted each bear that is a pre order one so as to avoid any confusion.

Pre Order Payment Option

Pre Order Payment Option

Not only that, you don’t have to pay for your pre order! On step 4 of the payment window, simply select the ‘Pre Order Bears – Select this method to Pre Order your Charlie Bear‘ option and the order will be recorded but you won’t be charged and we will contact you when the bear becomes available when you can make payment.

Bear Wishlist

Have you ever thought it would be useful to circulate a list of bears to friends and family? Well, now you can. Simply add the bear you want to your wishlist then click the share button and add their email address and click ‘send’ – yes, as easy as that.

Bear Wishlist

Bear Wishlist

Bear Image Zoom

If you are like me you want to see just how good these Charlie Bears look so in order to see them at their best, we have included an image zoom function. Simply hover your mouse over the product image and a larger image will appear letting you really have a good look at the Charlie Bear.

Bear Image Zoom Feature

Bear Image Zoom Feature

Hopefully that will give you a flavour of some of the new and exciting features we have added to our website. If you have any comments, good and bad, please feel free to complete the comments section below. After all, many of the ideas have come from you and we are happy to continue to improve, update and welcome any suggestions you have.

I hope you enjoy our new website!

Kindest regards,


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  1. lynne weller says:

    What would be really good is to have a link to Charlie Bears actually in stock. I was hoping that was what your ‘available bears’ link was going to be but it wasn’t! I buy most of my charlies from a site that does exactly that; choice is therefore more restricted but at least you know you’ll receive it in a couple of days.

    Kind regards

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